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Dyslexia Information has lots of great information about dyslexia.  Start by watching the Dyslexia:Symptoms and Solutions video.  


Studies have found that 1 in 5 people have dyslexia and it is hereditary.


Some of the warning signs in Preschool are delayed speech, late establishing a dominant hand, can not create words that rhyme, trouble memorizing their address, phone number or alphabet.  


Signs in Elementary School are letter reversals after first grade, slow, choppy, inaccurate reading (guessing based on the shape of the word or the context of the story, skips or misreads at, of, to, ignores suffixes), terrible speller, difficulty telling time on a clock with hands, difficulty coming up with the correct word when speaking ("whatyamacallits" and "thingies").


Signs in adults are slow reader, may have to read a page 2-3 times to understand it, still a terrible speller, still has trouble with left and right, gets lost often, even in a familiar city


Our Lady of Victory School

Learning Ladder Preschool


426 W Cavour Ave

Fergus Falls, MN  56537


(218) 736-6661

School Begins: 8:30 am

School Ends: 3:05 pm



August 16        Registration meetings

August 28-31   Teacher workshop days

August 31        Student open house

September 5    First Day of School



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Lunch Schedule:


Pre/k-Kind. eat at 11:28

5th-6th eat at 11:35

1st-2nd eat at 11:40

3rd-4th eat about 11:45

  • When coming to eat with your student, wait by the office or gym doors for your student to pass by
  • Any food brought in, must follow our Wellness Policy(no pop or candy)




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