Keys to Understanding the NWEA Student Progress Report


Student RIT= your student’s test score (RIT stands for Rasch unIT, the measuring scale used with results). Scores typically range from 100-300 from elementary to high school. 


District Grade Level Mean RIT= OLV is its own district so this is the mean or average score in that class.


Norm Grade Level Mean RIT= The mean or average score of students in the same grade and testing time in the latest NWEA norming study.  This is a very large number of students from across the nation (you could think of it as a National Average).


Percentile Range= This compares your student’s score to that of the norm group (large group from across the nation).  Percentile means the student scored as well as or better than that percent of students the same grade taking the test.

Lattice Multiplication Method (for parents and students)

From Mrs. Jenc's 3rd Grade Classroom

From Mr. Raths' 6th Grade Classroom

Students will have the opportunity to work on some computer science topics this year in 6th grade. Students will write programs (code) using popular games like Angry Birds. Students will also be working with Sphero, an app-controlled robot used with our iPads.

Say hello to Sphero!
Websites to reinforce your child's learning:
Website Description
Free Rice For every answer you get right, rice will be donated to someone in a different country.
Cool Math Games Math + Games = Awesome!
Sheppard Software Games about Math, Science, History, and so much more.
Math Magician Can you answer 20 questions in 1 minute?
Free Typing Practice your typing skills!
Spelling City Practice the Spelling words for the week!

Our Lady of Victory School

Learning Ladder Preschool


426 W Cavour Ave

Fergus Falls, MN  56537


(218) 736-6661

School Begins: 8:30 am

School Ends: 3:05 pm



August 16        Registration meetings

August 28-31   Teacher workshop days

August 31        Student open house

September 5    First Day of School



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Lunch Schedule:


Pre/k-Kind. eat at 11:28

5th-6th eat at 11:35

1st-2nd eat at 11:40

3rd-4th eat about 11:45

  • When coming to eat with your student, wait by the office or gym doors for your student to pass by
  • Any food brought in, must follow our Wellness Policy(no pop or candy)




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